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Because human trafficking can go undetected, it is hard to find reliable statistics. The quality and quantity of data available are often hampered by the hidden nature of the crime, challenges in identifying individual victims, gaps in data accuracy and completeness, and significant barriers regarding the sharing of victim information among various stakeholders. For these reasons, data and statistics may not reflect the full nature or scope of the problem.

Since its inception in 2013, the FBI’s Human Trafficking data collection has, for the most part, seen a steady increase in state participation as well as an increase in the number of incidents reported.


  • The National Human Trafficking Hotline reported 10,360 cases involving 16,710 victims. This is only a fraction of the cases that go unreported.
  • 38% of sex-trafficked victims were minors
  • 65% of trafficked victims were recruited via the Internet
  • Top types of exploiters identified were employers (43%), those with a familial relationship to the victim (26%), and intimate partners (22%)

Source: http://nationalhumantrafficking.org, http://polarisproject.org